Hooks and stands
Additional accessories that will definitely work when it comes to crossfit are safety hooks, fitness bars, specialist handles and many others


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They can be used for a variety of instruments. We will attach a climbing rope to them, but also the same hook attached to the floor will be perfect for attaching dragging ropes and for other dynamic exercises, just with the use of ropes. In addition, hooks will be used when we want to place weights or kettelbel on them. A very practical accessory is a stand that will help to organize our barbells and weights. Barbells are often used in crossfit, incl. to perform squats and exercises on a straight bench. The stand is very resistant when it comes to high loads and will be perfect for any home of a true crossfit fan.

All accessories are worth buying in reputable sports stores, where we will get a guarantee of quality and durability of crossfit equipment, and above all, safety, which all athletes care about the most [/ show_more]