POWER RACKS constructions are a very good way to conduct cross fit training. More and more professional gyms and fitness clubs are investing in these devices to meet the expectations of their customers. These devices can also be found at outdoor gyms in parks and squares. POWER RACKS devices are made of durable steel profiles that can be configured in any way. The certified devices are safe and stable. At the design stage, these structures are checked by special design programs, thanks to which you can be sure that they are safe and meet all European standards.


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The versatility and functionality of these devices is based on easy installation and quick expansion. Installing the appropriate profiles takes only a moment, so you can easily adapt the device to your requirements and continue training. All accessories are mounted in special holes located along the entire height of the metal profile.

Due to high durability, these devices can also be used by very heavy people. The stability and durability of the POWER RACKS structure means that you can carry out a very dynamic training without fear that something may happen. In addition, all devices are covered with a special powder paint, which increases the resistance of these devices to scratches and impacts. Additional accessories such as hooks and arms are covered with protective caps, which ensures greater durability and prevents the hand from slipping on the device.

Both advanced and beginners can exercise on these devices. A wide range of exercise options means that you can perform the entire training on one device. By using POWER RACKS devices, you can exercise and develop all muscle groups. We can easily perform exercises for the upper arm muscles as for the leg muscles. By doing exercises on this device, you can also build up the abdominal and back muscles. Fitness instructors can conduct more than one training on this device. Each class on this device can be different. Thanks to this, training on such structures can be interesting, interesting and varied. Exercising on this device will not get boring quickly. Beginners can start out with simple exercises, and as you progress, more complex exercises can be performed.

The advantage of this exercise product is that it can be adapted to any room, easy to unfold and easy to fold. Companies dealing in the sale of POWER RACKS structures help in the implementation of various ideas of their customers. Depending on the conditions, you can freely configure and design the structure. The best companies have a wide range of products in various sizes and colors.

A good product from the POWER RACKS family of devices is characterized by perfect precision. All details should match, and the aesthetics of workmanship must be at the highest level. [/ Show_more]

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