Street workout parks are external structures for functional training. An excellent investment for cities and municipalities that care about the physical condition of their inhabitants. The parks have all the necessary approvals and certificates, therefore they are completely safe. Appropriate protection of structural steel in the process of galvanization and powder coating ensures longevity and resistance to weather conditions. We present you with sample projects of Hammer Tech Street Workout parks. Each of them is fully modified at the design level: we can change the poles, add accessories, additional rope hooks or dip railings. The final personalization takes place during the painting of elements at the customer’s request. Large cross-sections of the structure ensure its stability, and installation to the base ensures safe use. Each product has a technical card according to which the assembly and preparation of the substrate takes place, a catalog card, where the entire structure is described together with the necessary documentation confirming compliance with the certificates and approvals for the materials used. Hammer Tech provides a 5-year warranty on all elements. We are at every stage of the investment, from design and visualization to assembly and acceptance. Interested ? Leave a message and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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