Crossfit has been a very popular sport for a while. It combines circuit training with strength training. Crossfit training is expanding more and more, to the point that you can do crossfit workout in the privacy of your own home. The right equipment for crossfit will allow you to perform a full training without having to go to the gym.


Pull-up bars

The main task of crossfit is to strengthen muscles, so this type of training is based on bodyweight exercises like e.g., pulling up on a bar. Nowadays unstable telescopic pull-up bar for door frames are being replaced by more professional and solid solutions. If you have more space and want to create a professional workout area, we recommend so-called Wall Rings. These are metal, strong constructions mounted to the wall, for safety and sturdiness. Bars in these constructions are fixed in such a way that they can handle the weight of up to 150 kg. In addition, the mounting on the wall is simple. One such a unit, you can perform even several types of pull-ups, also with additional load. You can set the bar at different heights, tailored to your needs. You can also easily attach very popular TRX straps, which will perfectly complement your training sessions at home. Using them you can do all kinds of arm exercises, such as pull-ups with biceps flexion, or very professional squats.

Plyo Boxes

In crossfit workouts plyo boxes will also work perfectly. These are wooden structures of different heights, which you can jump on and off. They are made to withstand the appropriate weight. Additionally, you can also use them as a solid support for balance exercises or squats. For more space efficiency, manufacturers have come up with the idea of stacking the boxes of different heights in one another, giving you a variety of workout tools without cluttering the space.

Hooks and storage racks

Additional accessories that will definitely come in handy for crossfit workouts are hooks. You can use them for various pieces of equipment. You can attach e.g., a climbing rope, but the hook itself mounted to the floor will be perfect for rope pulling or other dynamic battle rope exercises. Moreover, hooks are great for placing weights or kettlebells on them. That is when a storage accessory rack comes in handy, for keeping barbells and weights organized. In crossfit training, barbells are often used for squats and exercises on a flat bench. The rack is solid and durable and will handle high loads easily. So, it is a perfect choice for a true crossfit fan, working out at home.

We recommend purchasing all accessories in renowned sports stores, where you can expect high quality and durability of crossfit equipment, and above all safety, which is the key factor for all athletes.

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