POWER RACKS are essential for crossfit training. More and more professional gyms and health clubs are investing in this piece of equipment to meet the expectations of their members. These units can also be found at outdoor gyms in parks and squares. POWER RACKS are made of durable steel profiles, which can be customized freely. Approved equipment is safe and solid. At the design stage, these units are checked by special construction programs, so you can be sure that they are safe and meet all European quality standards.


Versatility and functionality of this equipment is based on easy assembly and quick expansion possibilities. Mounting the appropriate uprights takes only a moment, so you can effortlessly adapt this piece of equipment to your needs and continue your workout. All accessories are mounted in special wholes located along the entire length of metal uprights.

Thanks to its outstanding durability, our equipment can also be used by heavy lifters. The stability and sturdiness of the POWER RACKS design allows you to perform a very dynamic workout without fear that something unexpected may happen. In addition, all pieces of this gym equipment, with a special powder coating, are impact- and- scratches resistant. Add-ons such as hooks and safety arms are outfitted with protective pads, which ensure greater durability and prevent your hands from slipping on the unit.

Both advanced users and beginners can work out on power racks. A wide range of exercise options makes it possible to perform a complete total body workout routine on a single piece of equipment. Thanks to POWER RACKS, you can work out effectively and target all muscle groups. We can easily hit upper arms muscles as well as leg muscles. While working out on this piece of equipment, you can also develop abdominal and back muscles. Personal trainers can perform many workouts on power rack. Each training session on Power Racks can vary. That’s why working out on power racks can be engaging and versatile. Thanks to many workout options, you won’t get bored easily. Beginners can start by doing simple exercises and as they progress, more advanced ones.

Power Racks are adaptable to any space, easy to disassemble and easy to assemble. The companies that offer POWER RACKS units, help their clients convert various training needs and ideas into reality. Depending on the training space, the units are well suited to welcome additions and are to be customized freely. Reliable manufacturers offer a wide range of products in different sizes and colors.

What makes the high quality of POWER RACKS family? Precision. All the details should match, and the aesthetics provided must be supreme.

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