Nowadays, we are witnessing a trend to improve one’s quality of life and develop musculature. Social media inspire many people around the world, how to do it. This is a good thing because changing eating habits and physical activity positively affect many factors of life. First, it changes our body, mood, and attitude to everyday routine. When we get up in the morning, our batteries are charged, and we are eager to do more.


Our work becomes more efficient, and thus we can achieve more in a given field. Currently, crossfit is a trendy training method, which came to Europe from the USA. This system of exercises came to us from overseas, where we can observe federations that create opportunities for future cross fit athletes. Of course, crossfit workout is very demanding and based primarily on multi-joint exercises engaging the whole body. Fast twitch muscle fibers are working and these are responsible for building muscle strength. In a word, this is a kind of sport for tough guys (and girls)!
Safety first!
When designing a workout area, you need to put safety first. Therefore, when you want to train crossfit, you should choose the right space for it. As mentioned earlier, it is becoming more and more trendy and gyms are investing in special training zones for this type of exercise. There are mainly metal rigs that are attached to concrete blocks. The mounting of such equipment varies, but it should fulfil one most important function – ensure safety! When performing exercises, no one can be on the side, as there is a risk of weights falling off. The racks and rigs should be constructed properly because special safety features will help minimize the risk. You can find such structures in the specialists stores, where you can order them upon request. Cross fit follows its own rules and needs an additional space for performing workouts.
Typical gym – does it not meet the requirements?
Typical gyms are not designed properly for crossfit exercises. As you know, most members go to the gym or health club for standard physical activity. If you want to offer crossfit training, the best solution is to invest in an additional training area, designed specifically for this type of workouts. This entails special equipment, which is properly constructed. Instead of ready-made equipment, we suggest you to look around for solid materials that will ensure the safety of exercisers. Home use will not pass the test. There are also specialized weights, barbells, and other equipment for crossfit training. So take a look around our Hammer Tech shop and check our crossfit offer.

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